Classes & Tasters

BeaTz Dance Academy offers a wide range of styles of dance classes over Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. These styles include; Street Dance, Cheerleading, Jazz, Movement to music, Drama, performing arts and themed dance classes go well in in-curriculum classes to relate to current topic children are learning in school, eg- Egyptian theme.


ALL Beatz Classes are booked for a full school term excluding the school holidays. Please note once fees are paid we do not offer a refund

Before starting any dance class are encourage to book in FREE taster sessions from BeaTz to the age groups for the club that is due to start to give all the children a ‘Taster’ to see if it’s something they would like to take up. The tasters are 30 minutes long per year / class and usually in curriculum time. However a free lunch time / after school taster could be booked in if this works better but we have to be cautious on the numbers which may attend.

Classes are recommended to be grouped; years Reception to YR2, YR1 & 2, YR3 & 4, YR5 & 6, YR3 to 6 or YR 2 to 6, YR 7+ groups. If you prefer to group different ages together we are happy to work alongside your recommendation.

Paid for clubs prices:

  • Breakfast Classes Primary school(45 minutes before school): £5.50 per child per session
  • Lunch time classes Primary school (30-40 minutes during lunchtime):£5.00 per child per session
  • Lunch time classes Secondary school (30-40 minutes during lunchtime):£5.50 per child per session
  • After school classes Primary & secondary(1 hour after school): £6.00 per child per session
  • Evening classes (45 minutes): £6.00 per child per session
  • Cost of teacher per hour if school pay for the lesson:
    On Request
    Contact us for more info on pricing

Cost of teacher for the day(9-3):
On Request