Izzie age 11
I really like Beatz classes I do the holiday camps and the after school classes aswell as b-nation troupe. It’s really fun and we do loads of performances and competitions.

Mia age 11
Beatz dance classes are a-maz-ing! They’re really fun and cassi is really kind and fair ( plus you get these epic t-shirts!  Also, the Beatz dance days are so brill because there is loads of fun activities to do and cassi and Faye are such a laugh!

Lucy age 11
I really enjoy the Beatz classes they are really fun and I love doing the lessons  I didn’t think I would enjoy dance but when I first started it was really fun. And cassi is such a kind teacher and makes it as fun as possible. And I’m not just saying all of this because cassi has told me to. It is all 100 % true.

Alice age 11
The Beatz classes are really good and different from every other class. I especially enjoy the holiday camps because we get to do really fun activities.

Ellie age 9
I really like the camps because it is so much fun and they do it fairly. Also I love the dances so much.

Pippy age 8
The Beatz  dance club is one of the best of street dance classes in the world.